Polish Pheasant

Polish Pheasant bred inKlon is widely known and respected in many hunting areas throughout Europe. Polish pheasantsare the telltale mark and the guarantee of a successful hunt.Each year we export thousands of pheasants and hatching eggs to other European countries where the hunting of these birds is popular.We are extremely pleased that birds from our farm are so highly appreciated.

Genetic features of pheasants bred inKlon:
  • Strength -a proper body built
  • Lifetime - birds are vivacious and agile
  • Plumage - beautiful appearance, suitable colors
  • A clear white ring around the neck
  • The extraordinary volatility - pheasants fly perfectly, the flight is distinctively high and long.

In order to obtain and regularly strengthen the desirable qualities, it is required to select and exchange the genetic material of family stocks.We must be sure that the pheasants selected for family stocks, meet all the criteria.Besides genetic traits, there are also other crucial things like the technique of rearing, toughening and growing up in appropriate conditions: high and large aviaries.