About us

Pheasant breeding is our family passion. Our goal is to breed beautiful, strong and vigorous birds that released from aviaries, will quicklyadapt to conditions of the natural environment. The first pheasants from our farm were introduced in autumn 2003 .Over the next years, we have expanded our farm, continuously investing in the infrastructure and the welfare of farmed pheasants. Early on we aimed at breeding Polish Pheasants - Polskie Bazanty - the race of common pheasants which lives in the wild and is shaped by the climate of our country. Genetic purity of pheasants from Klon is our greatest treasure, which we have nourished and nurtured for many years.

Bazanty are the only birds that we breed. They are primarily dedicated to introduction into the natural environment and hunting. Our farm is capable of breeding and selecting family stocks, which are able to adapt on the hunting ground, hatch eggs and breed chicks during the breeding season. High quality and genetic purity is our main goal.

Our farm is located in a quiet and peaceful area in Klon in the district of Czajkow. The surrounding area is a natural habitat for pheasants. Climate in Klon favors pheasant breeding. Our farm is supported by modern infrastructure, which consists of rearing facility, cage system, large format aviaries and high-tech incubators. The development of farm and farming itself requires tremendous work, but only thanks to our commitment, we can state that our farm is a well-organized place. The feedback we get from our customers, farmers and other farm visitors confirms this statement.