We offer the highest quality Polish Pheasants at all ages and hatching eggs. We provide complete service to hunting clubs in the range of bird introduction and hunting supplies. We offer top quality birds.


Polish Pheasant Eggs strictly selected hatching eggs come from our family stocks. They are bred and maintained at our farm, which guarantees pure-breeding and the adequate exchange of genetic material. Pheasants are held in cage systems and aviaries.

We can supply up to 50 000 eggs per weekin the period from March to July. We can arrange the delivery dates, special packaging and professional transport to any place in the world.


Day-old chicks of Polish Pheasant - we can deliver up to 24 000 chicks at one time. They are all bred at our farm in Klon.Delivery time and transportation throughout Europe can be freely established. We can also provide any vaccinations of birds before the release from the hatchery.


6-week Poults Polish Pheasants-ideal material for introduction at hunting area. Delivery time and transportation to any country in Europe can be freely established. We offer a professional, legalized transport in batches 2 000, 3 000, 5 000 or 12 000 pieces. The arrival time and the type of boxes can be negotiated.


Adult Polish Pheasants at any age-delivered to any hunting area. We provide a full veterinary documentation and convenient transportation throughout Europe. Foreign transportation in quantities of 500, 1 500, 3 000 and 10000 pieces.Any kind of boxes or disposable cartons can be chosen.
We can help you in settling birds in the pheasants natural habitat and we will deliver them with any gender configuration to any European country. We are looking forward to co-operate with you