Pheasant Farm in Klon
        We raise professionally ring-necked pheasants since 2003. To improve and expand our offer systematically, all the way with total comittment we upgrade our farm. Our birds, thanks to suitable selection and high standards of farming, receive wide recognition among our Clients. Our pheasants are stocked for "put and take" hunting as well as for culinary purposes. We are ready for different kinds of cooperation. We offer help and advise in range of pheasant farming and introduction into natural environment. We invite companies as well as individual addressees from Poland and from abroad. See our gallery.

About us :
        Farming is our family business. We strive to grow best and robust birds, which raised in pens will have no problem to adapt to natural conditions, after releasing them. First pheasants from our farm were set free in autumn 2003. Through next two years we extended our farm, new pen appeared as well as especially built and equipped building for newly born birds. We separated rooms for egg storage and incubation. We bought air circulating incubator which automatically roll eggs , hatcher, automatic brooder and desinfection UV chamber. New aviarys and battery cages.
        Our birds are mainly meant for introduction and hunting-ground peopling. Such farm aim reqiure high caring attitude, numerous tending endeavours and suitable supervision. We think that high quality is worth sparing strengths and resources, and the highest value represent our satisfied Clients. Our farm is set in quiet and calm surrounding in Klon. Neighbourhoods are natural pheasant habitat, what is proved by wild pheasant population in this region. Interesting thing is that this place is also the environment for cranes and black storks. Sandy soils, which are additional advantage, in considerable degree facilitate farming.
        In 2006 we rebuilt our whole infrastructure, starting from completely new incubators, totally new breeder facility, connecting brooder rooms with paddocks, and endding up on building new pens for young birds. Doing this work we cared about quality of bought meshes, constructional materials, pen dimensions as well as about all what positevely influence raising and growth of pheasants. It cost us a lot of work, yet only thanks to our commitment we can now boast perfectly organized farm. Opinions of our customers, breeders and other people visiting our farm confirm this. When we organized and rebuilt our farm we tried to change natural conditions as little as possible. We cut out only a few branches and shrubberies. It was good decision because birds feel excellent in such conditions. We invite all interested people and breeders to visit our farm. Encouraged by successes we plan further extension of our farm in next years. Another farm devices, larger pens and larger amount of reared birds.

Our offer :
  • Pheasant Hatching eggs - up to 50 000 pcs per week!
  • Proffesional transport of hatching eggs to all Europe countries
  • Pheasant chicks -We can delivery them to Italy, France. Great Britain, Denmark
  • Six-week old pheasants- self pick up or with our proffesional transport
  • Twenty two-week old pheasants- self pick up or with our proffesional transport
       We specialise in raising professionally ring-necked pheasants. Birds from our farm adaptat into environment with ease. They are farmed in small condensation, are fed different kinds of cereal-fodder mixtures. We do not use plastic covers onto beaks what is very important when birds are meant for adaptation into natural habitat.

We offer adult pheasants, young birds, nestlings and eggs to hatch. We serve professional advice to people who want to satat their own farm and we offer specially sorted birds for further pen farming.

Contact :
Pheasant Farm
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Province: wielkopolska

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